The whole world depends on volunteers

This project was brought to life thanks to dozens of caring, active and kind people, whom we lovingly call "Little Plates". Each and every one fills this case with meaning. All of them are equally important for the continuation of the activity of our food bank

What volunteers do?

They provide the route

Many people work to ensure that food reaches the needy recipients from stores and other distribution points of our partners every day. This is the coordinated work of the driver, accompanying volunteer and route coordinator.

They help to renovate

The facility of our food bank occupy an area of more than 200 m2. For two years volunteers have been transforming this dilapidated place into a welcoming and, no less important, usable space where food can be stored and visitors can come.

They fill the reserve

During the existence of the project, we were able to acquire the most important resource - dozens of caring people who at one time filled out the form for a «Tarilka» volunteer and are ready at any time to help in sorting and giving out food already in our facility. The fullness of the reserve constantly fluctuates, so the need for new "Kryhtynka" is always relevant.

They manage the project

In order for the project to work as a coordinated mechanism, there are separate administrative teams in «Tarilka» that coordinate all processes — from managing social networks to attracting new financial and food donors.

If you have an irresistible desire to become a "Little Plate" of this team and make our city an even better place - press the button and come to us!

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