Let's use food rationally with «Tarylka»

During the existence of the project, we were able to gain a significant credit of trust from many local and national food manufacturers and store chains. Our food bank is replenished through these partnerships and we are always open to new ones. Get on the path of eco-social business with us!

What does it mean to be a partner of «Tarilka»?


Ukraine is among the 10 countries in the world that produce the largest amount of organic waste. For food manufacturers and retailers, the "Plate" format is a universal way to reduce this indicator.

Social responsibility

Food donors of "Tarlika" not only minimize waste, but also take care of hundreds of people in need who are unable to provide themselves with enough food. Thanks to our cooperation, all these people can receive a free grocery kit.

Buyers' love

«Tarylka» has a great affection of the local audience, to whom we always sincerely recommend to buy the products of manufacturers and stores that have supported us. A business that cares not only about profit, but also about people and the environment, gets loyal customers in return.


With the help of «Tarilka», the products that would have been written off in a few days and had to go through the disposal process cleared the shelves of manufacturers and stores in time and got into the hands of those who needed them. This is an example of the implementation of the ideas of sustainable development in the conduct of business.

What we do?

From received funds we form the first necessity grocery sets that will pass on to the most vulnerable groups!

Take food from partners




Form grocery sets


Help people in need

The circle of partners of our food bank is constantly growing. We invite you to this "movement" and encourage you to take an important step towards the rational use of products - join us in filling the "Plate"!

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